Laptop Repair
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crklcd Cracked Screen? Screen keeps flickering? Have horizontal or vertical lines on your screen? Does your laptop turn on and you can't see any Images? Starting at $99.00 labor inc.
jack repair Does your DC Jack feel loose? Is your battery not charging? DC Jacks can loosen due to normal wear and tear. Starting at $99.00 labor inc. LTKEYBD

Water spill? broken keys?

Replace keyboard starting at $35.00 labor inc.

ltps Battery not charging? No power to Laptop? Power Supply'sStarting at $29.99 LTMB No power lights? No Video on lcd or ext monitor? Possible bad Motherboard. Starting At $159.00 labor inc.
LTHDD Operating System fails to start. Clicking noise? Chance you have a bad Hard Drive. Starting at $149.00 labor inc.

Overheating causes premature shutdowns and early death of your laptop. Laptop feels overheated clean your L.T. now. Disassemble and clean your L.T.

Starting at $69.99

wifi Wireless stopped working? Starting at $29.99 labor inc. ltdvd Replace your dvd drive. Starting at $25.00
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